The UQuest ‘course’ is called the Arena.  It is typically an area of about 4 Square miles located in downtown or midtown.  99.9% of all activities occur in the Arena.  There is no defined route to follow, your team gets a map and decides where to go.

Click on an icon to see a description of the challenge.  Challenges are added periodically so check back to get the latest features. Join the Quest!


Goodness, still reading huh?  You are just too determined, your team is getting off to a good start.

The Arena is “4 Square Miles and 1 Big Party.”  Interaction with other teams and UQuest staff/volunteers keeps you rolling the whole time.  Explore the city, meet new people, and try fun activities in one of the most creative and fun races you will experience.  Imagine yourself in an urban environment next to more than a hundred teams with the task of navigating 4 square miles of fun.  Pick your destination and go. The Arena setup provides the ultimate, interactive competition that is UQuest.  Challenge Zones established within the Arena will present specific activities to conquer. Mental clues and other challenges can take place anywhere in the Arena. No streets will be closed and no physical boundaries are erected. The spirit of UQuest is that you will navigate as a typical pedestrian.  The Arena is finalized about 14 days before UQuest.  All challenge zones will not be posted.