UQuest Adventure Race APP

Teams will need to download the UQuest Adventure Race APP prior to the race.  Visit the APP set up page Click Here.

The UQuest Adventure Race APP is easy to use and provides teams with a premium experience.  Live leaderboards, photo sharing, GPS tracking, and more.

What is UQuest

UQuest is not a hard core obstacle race/mud run nor is it a clue based scavenger hunt.  UQuest is in between these two categories.  We set up and supervise 10 to 14 physical challenges throughout the urban area.  The physical challenges are not intimidating to attempt but can prove difficult to dominate.  In between these physical challenges teams will try to solve mental challenges that are more scavenger hunt type tasks.

The goal is simply to do as much as you can in the given time, the race cannot be finished, it is designed that way to keep the more hardcore teams and the fun and gun teams engaged.

Why is UQuest Different

UQuest allows you control your experience.  If you want a tough race, you can amp up your experience.  If its a day of fun your team is after, you can go at your own pace.  The difference is either way you go, you cannot finish the race so you stay engaged for 2-3 hours.

What to Expect

At the start line teams access the race via the UQuest App (paper instructions will be provided if needed).  Using the UQuest App and instructions teams will have access to the final map which shows where the obstacles are located.  The team can begin to develop their strategy of what to do first.  All teams are launched at the same time and will navigate 4 square miles in the next 2-3 hours.  

UQuest is not a point A to Z race.  Teams will be going in every direction choosing their next challenge.

What is the Arena

Arena = Our Course = 4 Square Miles & 1 Big Party

The Arena is what makes UQuest 1 big outdoor party by converting a downtown area into an urban playground.  Developers creatively use local parks, sidewalks, plazas, businesses, and whatever they can find to provide an urban, in town adventure.  The Arena Page gives a visual picture of the 4 square miles.

What Types of Challenges Will I Face

Each Obstacle or Challenge Zone is a completely different experience.  Visit the Arena Page for your city to review the challenge specifics.  Our Challenge/Obstacle Features…

Balancing, Catching, Relays, Climbing, Running, Crawling, Acting, Boot Camp.  We creatively design our own challenges for an experience that only UQuest can deliver.

UQuest handles the hard core athlete all the way to the beginning athlete.  No challenge would intimidate your grandma (No offense!) but on the other hand if you choose to master the obstacle, you will need concentration, skill, endurance, and the whole ball of wax.  An event that is fun and truly challenges all abilities is what sets UQuest apart from ALL other events.  Just look at our photos, you will find runners, lifters, hipsters, or people just having a good time.

Mental challenges and missions require teams to interpret clues and figure stuff out.  Certain challenges will also require you to interact with the general public or group up with other teams to achieve the goal.

UQuest Charity

UQuest believes and is designed based on Active Living, Creativity, and Community.  UQuest 2016 will support drawchange, a cause empowering the world’s children through the use of art. Visit our charity page for more information.


By the Numbers

20 Mental Challenges, 12 Physical Challenges, 8 Photo Challenges, 6 GPS Location Challenges, 4 Square Miles, 3 Hours, 2 to 4 Person Teams, 1 Winner.

Give or take…

Do I Need to Train

There is no recommended training.  A fast walking, clever team can easily rival a disorganized, running team.  U choose.

If this is your first outdoor competition, try building up to walking a 5K.  Walk hills, steps, trails, and sidewalks.  Anyone who “chooses” to be fit can compete.  Get your friend or relative out walking and Join the Quest!  After UQuest, keep walking.

If you are runner, the best way to train is to learn the Arena Map.  If you are intending on flying all around, best to have a plan.

If you have gotten all the way to this FAQ, it’s time to REGISTER.

Scoring and Winning

Just by attempting a challenge will gain your team points, conquer it with success, even more points.

The team with the most points will win, OK Captain Obvious, you know that already.  UQuest is not designed for you to complete ALL the challenges.  We would love for you to prove us wrong!  Therefore, you will be making decisions constantly.  A combination of the smartest, fastest, luckiest, and most organized team will win.  May the odds forever be in your favor.

What Do I Get with Registration

Other than 3 hours of adventure and owning the city…

High Quality Race Shirt

At the After Party:

Cold Beverage Appropriate for Your Age
Food:  More Than a Snack, Less Than a Meal
Music and Fun

Inviting Friends and Spectators

After you build your team of 2 to 4, please, ‘Tell A Friend.’  Have them tell their friends too.  Like us on Facebook.  Follow us on Twitter.
Spectators are welcome as teams will be competing live in front of the public.  There is no charge for spectators.  You are competing in front of the public over 4 square miles, this is a production!  Have your relative or friend who doesn’t want to compete sign up as a volunteer.

Smile for the Cameras

UQuest assembles an army of photographers and videographers to follow you around the Arena and catch you picking your nose.  We tell them to get in your group, get in your face, and capture your Quest.  By now you should start figuring out, UQuest is a production, you are the contestant.

Do We Need Volunteers

You betcha!  There are tons of opportunities to help us deliver an awesome experience to our UQuest participants.  Click the link HERE or select the EXPLORE tab and then select VOLUNTEER from the drop down menu.

Who Can Be on a Team

Two to four people 18 years or older.

Look for the Minor Registration on the registration page if a teammate is 9 to 17 years old.  A legal guardian will have to complete their registration.  Parent, teenager teams are awesome.

Can I Get a Hook Up and Race for a Discount

We never say never!  UQuest hires local contractors, performers, and marketers in each host city.

Go to the Contact Us page and tell us what you are thinking.  These requests need to be made at least 90 days before the race to be considered.

In general if you know someone who wants to be a Challenge Coordinator and help execute the event, they would donate their services and sponsor your team for a discount or free registration.

UQuest will also consider other services such as a business participating, individual talent donation, etc.  Your team needs to be sponsored by a business or individual who is donating or contributing to the race.  Your registration will be refunded the agreed amount 5-7 days after the race.

Can I Bring my Dog or Other Animals

Although we love our four legged friends, unfortunately animals cannot participate and must stay at home

Rain and Cancellation Policy

UQuest is rain or shine.
Unfortunately no refunds are given.  Depending on when requested, we may be able to transfer your registration to another participant.

Corporate Team Building – Large Groups

If you have a large group of 13 people or more contact us for group discounts.  Click on group discounts at the bottom of the page.  UQuest is a great activity for corporate teams to build relationships and have some fun together.  Church teams, greek organizations, civic groups, non-profits groups, etc.  Contact us to learn more about our Ultimate VIP and Quest Party packages that give your co-workers and members exclusive benefits during the after-party to amp up your groups’ experience.

What are Others Saying about UQuest

What others are saying about Uquest

“Had a blast!”

“So much fun!”

“UQuest rocks.”


“A great surprise”

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