Partner with UQuest
Partner with UQuest
Creative Partnerships with community businesses help provide a diverse, unique experience for UQuest Adventure Race participants. UQuest is not shy about promoting our partners, their very involvement is what makes the adventure race possible. UQuest Partners are involved in the execution of the adventure race. Their service or product is experienced in a unique way by the race participants. If your business is located with the Arena, one of the best things is to have racers visit your location and perform a task. If you are not located within the Arena, we can still get you in the game.

We have successfully partnered with dozens of companies, independent professionals, charities, and more to provide a very special experience.
Company Name
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Company Website
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Contact Name
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Phone Number
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Email Address
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Specific Product of Company if applicable
If there is a specific product of your company you wish to promote, list it here.
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Which city would you like to Partner with UQuest
Do you have a storefront in the Arena
Check yes if your business is located within the approximate 4 square miles that the adventure race spans. The assumption is you want participants to visit your storefront (or close vicinity to your location, such as the sidewalk) to perform a task. If unsure, visit the Arena page of the website and check the map.
Do you have a product that you would like to include in the adventure race in a designated area that isn't related to your storefront.
Check yes if you just want to showcase your product/service to participants and include it in the race.
Would you like to have a marketing presence at the Start/Finish Line
If yes, check all that apply. The Start/Finish Line provides access to all the participants in a casual setting.
Would you like to demonstrate your product
Check all that apply
UQuest welcomes your ideas. Take it to the next level.
Hit us with an idea that rocks and lets talk.
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Independant Professional Kick Butt People
If you are an independant professional such as a blogger or fitness expert with a social media following, tell us more about yourself.
List social media sites and any ideas you have about promoting yourself.
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Charities and Non-Profit Groups
Incorporating your organization into UQuest
Check all that apply
Share information about your organization
Website, recent projects, etc...
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Thank you for your information
The UQuest Development Team will contact you
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