What Types of Challenges Will I Face

Each Obstacle or Challenge Zone is a completely different experience.  Visit the Arena Page for your city to review the challenge specifics.  Our Challenge/Obstacle Features…

Balancing, Catching, Relays, Climbing, Running, Crawling, Acting, Boot Camp.  We creatively design our own challenges for an experience that only UQuest can deliver.

UQuest handles the hard core athlete all the way to the beginning athlete.  No challenge would intimidate your grandma (No offense!) but on the other hand if you choose to master the obstacle, you will need concentration, skill, endurance, and the whole ball of wax.  An event that is fun and truly challenges all abilities is what sets UQuest apart from ALL other events.  Just look at our photos, you will find runners, lifters, hipsters, or people just having a good time.

Mental challenges and missions require teams to interpret clues and figure stuff out.  Certain challenges will also require you to interact with the general public or group up with other teams to achieve the goal.